Advantis Credit Union is a Portland-based credit union serving the local community for over 85 years. Known for its localized approach to banking, Advantis has helped generations of neighbors obtain loans, finance homes and vehicles, and save for the future.

Advantis engaged Adrenaline to refresh their existing brand, including a redefined brand positioning, tagline, brand look & feel, and translation to a new branch environment.


Following a discovery session with Advantis’ key stakeholders and an analysis of the client’s recently commissioned consumer research, the overarching task became to elevate the brand’s value up the brand food chain. The “brand food chain” is a hierarchy of needs used to communicate how consumers fall in love with and become loyal to brands, from features to benefits to a greater brand experience.

Advantis had achieved membership success through a core checking product with high interest, the brand reputation had to stand for something more meaningful than a product feature. Capitalizing on the credit union’s relentless approach to member-serving, Adrenaline developed a new brand positioning of “Passionate Advocates.” To communicate that new positioning externally, we created the taglines “With us, you can” and “Passionate advocates.” The new brand position and tagline anchored the entire brand refresh, reflecting Advantis’ passion for accessibility, local activism, entrepreneurship, and its signature “we’re all in this together” culture.

We established a look and feel that was authentic to Portland: loving life and being passionate about the community experience.

- Laura Harvey, Art Director


With newly realized messaging and positioning, Adrenaline ushered Advantis to its next stage in the brand refresh: brand design features, guidelines, content, and an environmental Kit of Parts created for a new branch location, but designed to scale across their entire network of branches.


Adrenaline’s design team began working on a series of visual design deliverables, including new brand standards, communication guidelines, brand texture graphics, environmental graphic communications, and branded signage. Even more, Adrenaline’s culture team created guides for Advantis to launch their brand internally via workbooks for both participants and facilitators. A branded video splash was also created for Advantis, specifically for use in its GROW Advantis Community Fund. 

One of Advantis’ unique challenges included finding an ownable and subtle pattern that could be employed consistently across its social, environmental, digital, and tactile pieces, with variations in size and opacity based on where it’s being used. The result was what we call brand texture: geometric patterns in a natural palette of green and blue that matched Advantis’ outdoorsy, adventurous and authentic Portland personality.

We focused on inclusiveness, while also emphasizing the benefit of what the customer can accomplish by banking with Advantis. “With Us, You Can” was a nice combination of that.

- Laura Harvey, Art Director


Advantis is a credit union that understands and heralds the unique relationship between their employees and their members. With a unique opportunity to reposition themselves in the local market to exemplify the value of “passionate advocates,” Advantis seized the moment and successfully refreshed its brand identity.

By applying the concept of a “brand food chain” and customer hierarchy of needs, Adrenaline helped Advantis prepare  to lead current and future customers away from everyday banking commodities and towards experiences they could truly love – as a friend, a neighbor, and a member.