BankMobile is the first and only truly mobile bank. The brand, which officially launched in January 2015, is a banking alternative that disrupts the traditional revenue model with fee-free mobile transactions targeted exclusively at millennials seeking greater mobility, flexibility and customizability in their banking process.

BankMobile is the brainchild of Chairman and CEO Jay Sidhu, former long term executive of Sovereign Bancorp, now known as Santander, whose 721 U.S. branches nationwide were rebranded and retrofitted by Adrenaline in 2014. (link

With an explosion in smartphone usage in the past decade and increasing millennial demand for mobile banking, BankMobile arrived to market with a dynamic plan to capture new customers’ attention: offer mobile check depositing via photo, 55,000 free ATM’s nationwide, free financial advisement with the use of direct depositing, and a fully fee-free banking environment that allows users to move and protect their money on-the-go.

Enlightening customers about the reality of traditional banking institutions and sharing its frustration with customers about unfair overdraft fees (over $32 billion collected in 2012), BankMobile set out on an ambitious journey to revolutionize the banking industry with Adrenaline’s branding, marketing, and digital strategy expertise.


Adrenaline championed BankMobile’s full brand architecture, beginning with its brand identity and messaging, and later into deeper marketing strategy and user interface design to support the official BankMobile app.

In its market research, Adrenaline found a 2014 survey conducted by Accenture, which found that 39% of bank customers aged 18 to 39 say they would consider using a branchless bank, while only 15% of those over 55 said so. 


With a vivid understanding of this target audience and key demographic — money-minded millennials whose time is limited — Adrenaline helped BankMobile imagine a progressive, youthful bank whose focus is less on traditional branch services, and more on tangible lifestyle benefits such as smartphone supported mobility, ease of advisor access, and financial confidence for the future.

Positioning itself as “the Uber of banking” with its on-demand mobile amenities, Adrenaline and BankMobile set out to define the ways in which it would speak to its audience, acquire new customers through digital channels, and tout itself as a disruptor in an industry otherwise regarded as traditional and technology averse. 

We created a fee-free, branchless experience that plugged into what our target audience wanted most.

- Rebecca Finn, Designer



Beginning with a deep-dive into its target customer audience, Adrenaline build out BankMobile’s full brand identity from logo to login page. Using images that communicated a carefree, mobile, active and energetic lifestyle, the BankMobile brand identity was built as an extension of customers’ own vibrant personalities.



Pairing its brand identity with its messaging, BankMobile found a voice with mobile millennials seeking a refreshing way to bank on-the-go. Reminding customers of its fee-free, branch-free, and mobile-friendly perks, BankMobile’s messaging centered on the word “revolutionary” to describe its value proposition, using phrases such as “a revolutionary way to bank”, and “join the revolution”, as well as “no more red tape, no more walls, no more hassles”, “BYOB: build your own bank”, and “a bank in your pocket”.


BankMobile’s marketing strategy was nationally-driven, focused on both direct to consumer marketing, as well as trade marketing. Adrenaline’s team built out a series of billboards for high-traffic urban areas, as well as digital outreach through newsletters, and print pieces such as stationary and branded letterhead.


Seeking to streamline bank transactions for mobile interactions, Adrenaline first began with nine actions that were eventually simplified to just four: transfer, withdrawal, deposit, and access help. Consistently gut-checking the brand’s minimalist perspective on banking, Adrenaline’s user experience and mobile design teams set out to build a mobile banking experience that allowed customers to access their money with only the swipe of the thumb.

The end result is a thumb-friendly, one-handed mobile banking app that streamlines deposits, withdrawals, and transfers while offering access to expert guidance.

- Gina Bleedorn, Executive Director


BankMobile is a revolutionary new player in the banking industry, and a brand that Adrenaline helped to define from big idea to build-out.

Today, BankMobile serves its digital clientele by allowing them to access money quickly, securely, and digitally. The BankMobile brand represents more than just a digital alternative to banking — it serves as a way of life that allows customers to access their paychecks faster, turn credit and debit cards on and off while traveling, pay off debt quickly, avoid long teller lines during lunch hours, and even access financial advisors for life’s biggest events.

For those reasons and many more, Adrenaline is proud to champion the new gold standard in branchless banking.