We Florida Financial, formerly City County Credit Union, is a community-based financial institution. With 6 branches serving 43 counties around the greater Broward County and Fort Lauderdale area, We Florida Financial has been in the business of serving its neighbors since 1952. Those eligible to bank with We Florida Financial  live and work in the area, are licensed professionals, or are connected to family members and employees of the credit union.

We Florida Financial approached Adrenaline with the goal of rebranding the visual identity of the bank, as well as to find a name that aligned with the values and emotional appeal of banking with a community credit union. Following a three year logo and naming exploration process, the credit union settled on its new name, We Florida Financial, an ownable and relatable name that began as the jumping off point for its entire brand build-out.

Our team was able to find an identity – and a purpose – that the brand could stand behind.

- Gina Bleedorn, Executive Director


What began as a naming process soon evolved into a movement around a unified idea – that credit unions are more about what can be done together than what can be accomplished individually. Appealing to a younger generation of clients, We Florida Financial opted for a fresh new color palette of vibrant oranges and tranquil blue hues that subtly represented Florida’s signature sunsets. Its brand messaging was further developed around the concept of “we”, and tag lines such as “We the Doers”, “We the Makers”, “We the Thinkers”, “We the Connected”, and many more.

After name, logo, and brand launch strategy were finalized, Adrenaline began planning to retrofit all 6 of We Florida Financial’s branches through physical and digital brand experiences. With each branch being different – in look, age, and size – Adrenaline was tasked with developing a standard-yet-customizable toolkit that offered consistent design treatments throughout each branch location.


Over the span of eight months, the brand was built out through a variety of branch posters featuring We Florida Financial’s updated brand messaging, as well as digital screens and dynamic imagery customized for its branch displays. In addition to a revamped and reimagined branded branch experience, Adrenaline also worked with We Florida Financial to deploy a modern, user-friendly website built to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers.

We created a look and feel that encompassed the whole community, so that when customers walk into a
branch they’ll feel at home.

- Courtney Brennan, Designer

The new online presence, designed to match the look, feel, and fresh new appeal of its branches, now offers a comprehensive variety of resources that make banking simpler and easier for its community. Customers can access accounts, calculators, e-statements, loan application tools, payment services, and financial advisement services, as well as explore promotions and special rates.


By simplifying its content, streamlining the user experience, and amplifying what it does best – serve Florida’s community through community-first banking – We Florida Financial deployed a website that aligned with its mission to protect and nourish customer’s money.

To support its exciting new brand launch in the spring of 2015, Adrenaline created a launch video designed to share the new “we” focused mission and messaging with its banking community.

Featuring splash images, short vignettes, and lifestyle imagery, the video showed inclusive statements that embodied the personality of both its customer base, as well as its employee base. The concept of “we” was introduced to highlight the strength in both We Florida Financial’s potential, and the potential it offered to its customers past, present
and future.

Through the success and popularity of the launch video, We Florida Financial introduced a relatable cultural statement that audiences connected with immediately. As such, We Florida Financial avoided expensive and ineffective broadcast costs, opting instead for a digital-only brand launch that could help them connect with customers where they already are.

We Florida Financial stands for so much more than just banking, so it makes sense that we were able to make the name mean so much more for its community.

- Gina Bleedorn, Executive Director


What began as We Florida Financial’s logo and naming process evolved into a full-scale digital and physical branch experience that translated a cultural movement in alignment with its goal to steward community-based banking. Focusing on togetherness, inclusivity, and shared responsibility, We Florida Financial launched a successful brand that proves power beyond profit, and cooperation in cooperative banking environments.