Chris Howe

/ Design Strategist /


SVP of Design Strategy at Adrenaline, Chris Howe's 14 years of experience with service retailers combined with his manufacturing partnerships history with product retailers has resulted in one of few organizations that bridge the gap between both and offers turnkey services from design strategy through to production and implementation.

Throughout his 20 year career as product designer, design director and principal strategist he held positions at BrandPartners, Farberware, New Balance & Towle International. His most recent accomplishments include work for national service providers such as Bank of America, UPS, SunTrust, and Wells Fargo to translate these corporate identities into unique environmental brand expressions.

Chris is inspired by design; however he also views design as a tool that can be manipulated to explore, create, define, document and implement changes that address business goals and challenges. He brings a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach that is informed by his work with architects, interior designers, graphic designers, product designers and engineers. He is known as the late-night emailer, shoeless wonder, lunch skipper, pen thief that believes in “learning the rules so that they can be broken properly” and that “art is for the museum and design is for the world.”