Whether it’s communicating with customers old and new, engaging employees or amplifying an environment, rebranding means understanding and orchestrating brand channels of experience.

When an existing brand undergoes a rebrand, there are many touch points to consider and calibrate – both internally and externally.  The best brands understand just how complex the process of a rebrand can be, so they call in the experts to take the wheel and journey across what can sometimes be a bumpy road. That’s exactly what Community Trust Bank did in 2014 when they partnered with Adrenaline to rebrand to Origin Bank.

In our most recent case study, we walk you through the process of a bank rebrand from creative conceptualization to completion. To preview the evolution of Origin Bank, our video gives you a peek behind the curtain of a bank that solved its brand identity challenges.

To learn more about how we collaborated with Origin Bank to create such a holistic, sustainable brand, visit our Origin Bank Case Study.