The financial services industry is undergoing “disruptive” change, with increased non-traditional competition, changing demographics, the explosion of virtual channel management and increased consumer demands...

The physical branch of “now” is a multi-sensory dynamic retail environment supplemented by multi-channel alternatives of technology and social media. A well thought-out, strategic approach to a branch network is necessary to target specific consumer segments and promote stronger and deeper relationships to ensure continual profitability.


CEO of NewGround International, Kevin Blair, recently spoke on this topic at the 37th National Directors & CEOs Leadership Convention in Las Vegas.  Download his presentation content by clicking the “Download as PDF” link.  In this document, Kevin covers how how financial institutions are adjusting to and thriving by disruptive change, highlighting the following topics:

  • Understand economic progression and influencers
  • Define the role of the branch of the future
  • Key trends in retail distribution
  • Explore new channel management strategies
  • Case studies of financial services providers and other retailers worldwide leading the charge


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